The Lovers: Major Arcana Tarot Eyeshadow Palette

$25.00 USD

Welcome The Lovers: 

She's inspired by cotton candy and kawaii culture. Symbolizing everything that's soft and delicious. All your pastel dreams come true! Think if marshmallows and candy hearts

Featuring 7 silky mattes and 1 iridescent topper ( major impact when used wet/with mixing medium)

This palette is Vegan and Cruelty Free

What does The Lovers card mean:

The Lovers symbolized the purest of connections. Getting clear and open about your goals and intentions. This is a card of communication and openness. The most obvious part of this card is its about your should connection to your special someone  ( it can also symbolized your own self connecting with your truest self ). As you can see pastel shadows was the obvious choice for such soft and magical card