About Us


SauceBox Cosmetics is really an American Dream. Founded by mother and a daughter, a dynamic immigrant duo. Taking its first steps in 2011 SauceBox Cosmetics has always marched to its own drum, and it surly paid off.
Many moons ago after exhibiting at a local trade show the brand started to gain momentum and a cult following. We are strong believers in the right attitude, it will take you everywhere and open all the doors. Featured on many celebrities and loved by both beginners and professional artists. Always a step or two ahead of the curve, we are trendsetters! SauceBox is not just about sales and turning one product after another. Everything we create is a part of our story and dances well with everything we have made before and will make in the future. Each product is a fruit of artistic and intellectual labor, thus -AMAZING!
It has been a fantastic journey and we can not wait what colorful, magical adventures future holds for us!
SauceBox Cosmetics is a CRUELTY FREE company.