The Moon: Major Arcana Tarot Eyeshadow Palette

₡ 13.400,00 CRC

Welcome The Moon:

She is moody and broody. Appealing to all your feminine and all your grungy corners of the soul. She is inspired by everything we love about the 90s! The moody  grays and blues, the shimmers of moonlight on the brow bone. 

Featuring 4 shimmers/toppers and 4 moody silky mattes

This palette is Vegan and Cruelty Free

What does The Moon mean:

The Moon is a reflection on past, past wounds and hurts. But she's also a symbol of becoming whole in cycles of life. The Moon connects to the divine feminine and your intuition.

Never dwell on the sadness, like The Moon you will be whole again

This is what made this card perfect for the 90s inspiration