Meet Red pro HMUA.

January 07, 2022

 Hey SauceBox Kittens! We have exciting blog guest this month, Pro HMUA Red! Lets dive in and chat about all things hair and makeup, and everthing in-between 


  1. Hey Red! thank you so much for sitting down with us. Lets dive in! Starting from the roots ( pun intended) how did you start in hair industry and when did you realize it was your caling?
Thank you so much for having me, the hair industry is something that I knew I always wanted to be a part of, even when I was playing with my moms Barbies at five years old. How I ended up starting in it, was when I was 18 and was supposed to have a scholarship for athletics, I was injured. Without knowing what to do my mom was the one who recommended me to start in the industry because of my love for beauty. I started cosmetology school when I was 18 and 2002, and after a severe car accident, my mind just wasn't in the right space to continue. But of course the industry called me back when I was 24 and graduated from Paul Mitchell the school in Santa Barbara in 2010. 
  1. We have first met you through beauty industry, which goes hand in hand with hair world. How being skilled in both fields helped you in your career?
Before I started doing hair I actually worked at M.A.C Cosmetics for over eight years, and makeup does go hand-in-hand with hair, because both of these industries make people feel and look beautiful. One of the things I've always loved about make up was that you could wash it off when you were finished, even if it was a crazy Halloween look. But with hair this is something that is 98% of your selfie, and we have a license to touch not only literally, but emotionally because this makes people feel different about themselves.
  1. What are the challenges you face in your field and what is your approach to solving them?
Our field is ever evolving, some of the challenges we face especially now post pandemic, is the price of goods and getting hands on products that are now sold out or hard to come by. One of the other challenges is social media, as much as it's help me and my business and build a solid clientele, people get unrealistic expectations by showing pictures of what they want during their appointment, but have a hair history they won't allow us to do it. But I will say what's help me in my career is being an educator in the industry for the past nine years, I have a scale of expanding to clients what can be done and what can't be. What sets me aside from other hairstylist in this industry, is the proper consultation, listening, and also working with my clients to give them what they want but to get them there in a healthy way.
  1. We know you just ventured in to salon ownership and have your own studio, what insight you can share with our readers who would want to do the same? 
When I first started this industry, I knew that I never wanted to own. I think that's because it's always such a large responsibility to take on a venture so large. But once I was able to start with walking, meeting at starting small, and owning a studio, it's giving me a world of insight in how to own a salon starting from a smaller venture. When starting your own studio the one thing I will say is to be minimal. Don't invest so much on the decorations when you should be investing in yourself. Finding the right color line, finding the right tools, finding the right marketing skills for your demographic, and just be open minded to the things that will change for the good and for the bad . I was very lucky where I was able to have a business partner in this venture where we were able to bring two minds into one,  creating a beautiful and safe space for all of our clients.
  1. Besides being brilliant with your skills, how do you keep your clients and build your clientel?
100% of the battle and keeping a strong clientele, is communication. A lot of the times as hairstylist we work such long hours that we forget to text, call or even DM our clients back. But keeping the communication line open that tells your clients that we care more about just the money they pay us for their appointment. Also social media is a very big strategy, staying relevant, being constant with your posts, creating interaction, are all factors of keeping your clientele interested in what you're doing and excited for the things that will come in the future
  1. Finally, what are some of the life lessons you can share with our readers that have helped you pave the way to success and growing in the industry?
I think the biggest life lesson is keeping the relationships you have with people in the industry. I have kept in contact with all the mentors and fellow artist that I've met in this industry even if it is such a simple as a like or comment on or a post on Instagram. These people are going to be there for you when you have doubts, are wanting to quit, or question your own skill. Artists in this industry understand how hard it can be and sometimes just being able to talk to someone that you look up to you can mean the world to you on a bad day. This industry is amazing and I would never leave it for anything in the world

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