Beauty Chatter with Satya Linak

November 29, 2021

Hey Saucy Babes! We are back to our regular blog schedule and we have a treat for you! We have sat down with talented and industry wide recognized PRO MUA Satya Linak. 


Satya, our fans love getting an inside glimpse of the PRO makeup artistry world. The first thing we like to ask is how did you start and what was your motivation/ inspiration?


I started off as a wildly expressive goth teenager, cutting & coloring hair and doing goth makeup on myself and friends. In the ‘90s makeup wasn’t known as a career so I went to school to study fine arts & photography where I had more fun getting the subjects ready for my shoots. While in college I was diagnosed with cancer and had to drop out. Once I started chemo, I lost all my hair, but felt my spirit fill with joy every time I played with makeup and wigs. (Funny how that never ended because I still play with makeup and wigs!) I started working at a salon as an apprentice to the owner on the days when chemo didn’t keep me down. Clients noticed my different looks, frequently not knowing I was sick, and requested me to do their makeup for events. I had no training, but once I got paid to do event makeup and realized I could do something with it, the lightbulb went off. I was diagnosed with cancer a second time and during my bone marrow transplant I wasn’t allowed to wear any makeup due to it being potentially deadly as I had no immune system. So, I had to wait until my counts were strong enough to rock my wing liner and red lipstick again. When I recovered my immune system after the first year, I recognized I was so blessed to be alive, and my life passion was makeup. So, I moved to LA with no friends or contacts, while still recovering from all my treatment, because everything in my being knew I had to be in LA to truly pursue my passion. It was scary, but I did it! Wow, that was almost 19 years ago.


2.We know the glammy side of the industry, but what are the challenges have you faced and overcome?


There have been many challenges along the way. When I was younger, I dealt with harassment on sets I would never put up with now. I’ve heard “NO” countless times, but I have always persevered and never quit. I’ve also seen the industry/technology/social media/products/rates drastically change over the years. I think it’s important for us to go with the flow and evolve with it. Being stuck in your ways doesn’t move you forward with your career.


3.Following with obstacles and growth as an artist, many have been affected by recent COVID-19 pandemic; How were you able to navigate this, what are your predictions for the industry post covid?


Covid has been tough for us creatives, especially for makeup artists who are directly in people’s unmasked faces. Plus, I deal with health issues, so I’ve had to pretty much hunker down at home. It forced me to get into the world of influencing and putting my own face (and knowledge) out there on social media, instead of my work that I’ve always posted. I learned how to edit videos. I trained extensively on sanitation/disinfection, all things I learned during my transplant, because it’s very important to make sure you’re being as safe as possible once you go back to work. I think returning after Covid you have to really want it, because it’s even harder than it was before.


4.On to the fun parts. We know you recently did a collaboration with magical glitter company Wiggy Starlust, can you share some aspect of the creative process behind your collaboration?


My collaboration with eco-friendly plant-based glitter company Wiggy Starlust was a dream come true! They approached me because I was so genuinely enthusiastic about the brand. Helloooo, plant based, no plastic, compostable, breaks down in 3 days and doesn’t harm the ocean or sea creatures! Those things are important to me as I care about the planet. So, I thought of my dream color and as everyone knows, red is my power color and I love to wear it. So, I came up with this nuanced fiery ruby red shade, with integrations of violet and gold. Very me! Also, the name “Satyatara” is my namesake and means “Truth Star” in Sanskrit. The happiest part of this collab was deciding to donate a portion of sales to the place that saved my life, The Fred Hutch Organization. They are one of the leading research places in the world for cancer, HIV/AIDS, autoimmune diseases and now Covid. My heart explodes with gratitude to be able to give back all these years later.


5.As a successful and industry wide recognized Artist, what are some of the pointers you can give to the aspiring artist?


Whenever I teach a workshop or guide assistants, I say to be kind and have integrity. This is a small industry, and no one wants to work with mean people or people who bad mouth others or gossip. You are part of a team, it’s not the ‘you’ show. So be a team player. Be open to perpetually growing and learning. No one knows everything. Assist artists you admire because it is invaluable education. Remember to celebrate the small wins because it’s easy to move on to the next thing and not feel that sense of accomplishment or success.


6. For the last round of questions:

 What is the most important part to you about being a makeup artist?


The most important aspects of being a makeup artist to me are being able to express myself creatively and use my art and the healing power of touch to make people feel good.


How has this calling affected your personal growth?


I’m a person who is deeply into personal growth and freelancing is very challenging. We grow the most during the hardest times, but I’ve never let all difficulties stop me. I push myself to be the best and keep going because I love makeup so much. In fact, I’ve always thought to myself, “If I can beat cancer twice, I can do anything.” I was also fortunate to have a meditation teacher for 20 years who told me when I was young and scared, “Keep trying with your aspiration, not your fear of doing wrong.” These words have always stuck with me.


Favorite Saucebox Product = Pirate’s Gold Eyeshadow.


(Pictured in the image from Modic Magazine )


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